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Chimera Aya Design -color- by CapnChryssalid Chimera Aya Design -color- by CapnChryssalid
While working on another pic, I was struck by a sudden urge to color this. So I did, rather quickly. I'll put the old one into scraps.

---copy-paste from old description---

A character design work for Aya Florentine, Post-Chimera after the events of COA:New World Order. Her new outfit and design are supposed to be a mix of both human and kitsune features. The arm band, the mantle, the new spikier and wilder hair, the gauntlet on her right arm, all reflect the kitsune in her now. The rest of the outfit is more conservative, and her satchel even has the old GUN logo on it. The pic came out well; I'm happy with it.

This pic was originally made for a friend of mine, who likes the Aya character from COA.

For those who have not read COA -
Aya was a Captain in the GUN Remnant Fleet after the destruction of Station Square. More conservative and pragmatic than her twin sister, Mya (a Colonel), she was very popular with those under her command and elsewhere in the Remnant, arguing for the construction of creche facilities to increase the population (without taking adults from their work), and for a realpolitik approach to the rising Mobian powers at the time, including an expansion of the Air Fleet.

At the end of COA:A Chosen One, she agreed to serve under Miles, and she played a pivotal role in the defeat of the Eggman and Perfect Defense Fortress Helios. Seeing her rising popularity as a threat to their own more extreme ambitions, Aya was tricked (largely by her own sister Mya) by her comrades and superiors into leading a peace party into kitsune territory. However, the delegation was in fact part of an exchange of experimental subjects, and Aya and her subordinates were seized by Clans Tukaido and Jel'Arah who then, in secrecy, turned them into half-human half-kitsune Chimeras for breeding purposes. At the end of NWO, Aya had just escaped from her cell...
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Ape32 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2009
Hey, I remember this one! Ooh, looks nice in color.

Kitsune hybridization! Advantages: Increased strength, speed, senses, healing abilities and natural weaponry! You'll be an engine of destruction!

Disadvantages: Increased appetite (no dieting here!), potentially shortened lifespan, you're an abberation wrought by science and as such can never return home without being stuck to a disection slab by the maniacs who did this to you!

But hey, least vengeance shall be hers, if another certain pic is to be believed.
CapnChryssalid Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2009
Thanks. Yes, I was browsing through some of my older pics, saw this and thought: lemme color it while I have the program up and running. Aya's definitely my favorite minor char in COA, though you wouldn't guess it by how poorly she ends up being treated (and by the fact that she's really not even in COA:ACO's rewrite yet - lol). Given that she ends up screwed by the most rotten elements among both the kitsune and the humans, its only natural I'd use her to clean house after the fact.
Ape32 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2009
You got a talent to make even minor chars seem believable and likeable; she's definately one of my favs.

And hooray for enforced karmic justice ^^
chicobo329 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2009
Ah yes I remember this, nice colors man :^D They've improved lately.
CapnChryssalid Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2009
Thanks Chi. It was a fairly quick job done on a whim after I finished my TRTC Ryouga pic (which I just uploaded).
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